The Future for LanCook

mainOur current project came to a close in November 2014 but we have some great plans for the future, which include:

  • A book about the project which includes chapters written by the whole LanCook team
  • Further EU-supported projects
  • Further materials to cook in a whole range of languages including Korean and Chinese thanks to our ‘authoring tool’
  • A Smartphone app which will allow communities of cooks and linguists to write and share recipes

Our work continues as we strive to promote language learning, mobility and collaboration through cooking and technology! Check out our resources page too where you will find lots of materials we created to accompany the Digital Kitchen cooking sessions. If you would like to get involved in the future of the project work, use the contact details on all the language specific pages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, German, Finnish.

Happy LanCooking!



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