Get Involved!

Language teachers/educators

If you are a teacher or an educator and would like to know more about participating in events, cooking in the kitchen or even hosting a portable kitchen in the future, please get in touch. Your knowledge and experience counts and we are constantly looking to get feedback about the kitchen and its usability and application in all kinds of learning settings. Links to the different kitchens can be found here.

Language learners

If you are learning a language at the moment in whatever setting, you are welcome to browse out site and have look at our resources and videos. You’ll find recipe cards designed especially for learning languages through cooking- you can use them to have a go a cooking at home! Our cooking trials are now over but we worked with linguists like you to help us improve the kitchens and make the learning opportunities even better.

Educational institutions and organisations

During the project, we gave regular demonstrations of the kitchens in lots of different contexts to promote cooking and languages and the use of technology and language learning. If you have ideas about how our kitchen materials might help your institution, get in touch.

Commercial language learning provider

If you are a commercial language learning provider interested in knowing more about the kitchens, please contact


If you are a journalist wishing to know more about the project or speaking to us in person, please contact  If you are a journalist from one of the partner countries wanting to know more about what’s happening in the kitchens in your country or in relation to specific languages, please follow the links to the specific kitchens here.

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